“We have several times had the pleasure of Niels Bjerrings company in various teambuilding sessions. The theoretical teachings are all spiced up with numerous practical examples, which we all could identify with as individual employees and as a company. Niels holds a contagious commitment and in his own unpretentious ways, he is able to reach out to all the participants.
Thanks for the kick. It hit us just where it should.”

Henrik Sørensen – Desmi


“It was incredible what Niels managed in just a few hours. We focused on our company values, made them alive and present, and made a good platform for the company and the employees future. We got a lot of inputs, which gave the individual things to think about and everyone went home with the thought of being able to break own bad habits and that you can do whatever you want to achieve. All this with a commitment, smiles, laughter. So thank you for a lovely afternoon.”
Ingerlise – Nordic HR Manager – Phonak

Live and Learn Sessions

“Wow.. what a ride. I needed to find back to myself after a long time of not focussing on my own wellbeing.
Niels suggested that we spend some time together in what became a unique travel through unfamiliar pastures for me. Using his calm personality and dedication, meditation, energy work and intense 1 to 1 talking sessions, Niels helped me find back to my inner freedom. We had daily sessions over a 2 week period of what I firmly believe will change my future life.
Not only did I find my way back. I found a friend.”

Jannick T. – Private sessions

1 to 1 sessions

“The first time I met Niels in Ubud at KAFE. At this time I had some personal issues like finding my own path, finding out what I really want in life etc.
Usually, it is not that easy for me to trust other people. But with Niels I recognized very fast that we are on the same wavelength, that he understands what I am going through and that he is always honest with me – even if he knows I would love to hear something different in that moment he always told me his opinion. And that is what I appreciate about him. I am back home now for 8 months and Niels is still the person I contact when life put me obstacles in my way. No matter if I struggle with family, job or love issues. Niels is always listening to me. He gives me some good advice and makes me feel stronger and better than before. He makes me believe in myself. He really has an amazing gift and I can just encourage you to give it a shot. Whether it be coaching, healing or just a conversation – you won’t regret it.”
Eve – 1 to 1 sessions