I have been doing lectures and motivational speeches for more than 10 years.
My lectures are filled with energy, enthusiasm, humour and deep insights.
I´m a firm believer in joy, laughter and happiness as the key to our understanding of the world.
Through the smile, we let down our guards and open up to new ideas, new beliefs and new realizations.

That is why I'm in my 1,5 - 2 hours lectures share my knowledge and wisdom in a mixture of fun and seriosity.

I have brought change to many individuals as well as boardrooms with great passion and results.

Below here I present some of my lectures, if you have other wishes, please do not hesitate to contact me.

7 steps to freedom

Based on my journey and life in Bali, I take you through the steps that led me to my inner state of freedom.
The 7 steps are all practical steps that you can take home to implement in your daily life, and in your path towards your inner freedom what ever that is to you.
The freedom gives you the ability to face problems, obstacles and live a happier and balanced life.
The lecture is filled with wisdom from Gurus and inspirations from all over the world as well as pictures from my beautiful Bali.
The lecture is custom fitted to both private setups and cooperate inspiration

The Value of values

What kind of values are leading you or your company?
Are you sure that you or your staff understands the value of values?
From clear stated values to value based decisions can lie a deep gorge.
Does everyone understand the company values and do you understand what values lie behind your own directions in life.
Through humour, energy and inspirations you will be guided to a better understanding of the value of values and the importance to keep them clear to yourself or/and the company.

The journey to a peaceful mind

In the western world, 80% of all sickness is categorised to relate in one way or the other to stress.
We are living in a world, that continuously fights for our attention, and as the world gets smaller and smaller also gives us access to troubling information. Everything from norms to cell phones and demanding competitive environments, affects your way of thinking, and affects your energy and thereby effectiveness and the strength to live a happy life.
In this lecture/workshop, I give you the simple tools and realizations to change the way you handle the pressure and the energies affecting you. Leaving you with an ever accessible silence which holds the power to transform your life.