Start letting go of control

Start letting go of control

I used to be the emperor of control.
Bad experiences from the past along with several stress-related burnouts and a career that demanded of me to be on top of things had turned me into a control freak.
Not only was I in control of 2 large businesses at work, no I also controlled every single outcome of future decisions in my private life.
I was very good at it. Have always been good in seeing multiple outcomes of a decision or choice.
Too good actually. The all consuming combination of the above-mentioned conditions had turned me into someone controlling everything, even people around me. I didn´t see it at first and have in hindsight a lot of excusing to do.
I did it out of a kind and good heart, just making sure that everything would be all right.
But it was abusive at points. Was wrong and knowing what I do now, I see that the control was absolutely pointless.

I now know that there is not such a thing as absolute control.
There is always something or someone that can remove that control so it cannot be absolute.
Living in Indonesia has taught me a lot of this. Comming from a very controlled and organised country like Denmark, I came with a feeling of being in control of what happened next.
But in Indonesia, I had to let go of my wishes to control and just leave it to trust.
Customs and the ways things are done there sometimes leaves you with no other choices.
You either go with it or fight against it and become eaten up.
So I had to face my fears and instead of preparing for whatever obstacles this might bring me, simply just sit back and enjoy the ride.
See deep down inside I know that I am more than capable to face any problems or obstacles on my path.
There is no reason for me to prepare for all these possible outcomes as I know I will be able to solve them anyway when they arise.

Letting go of control not only set free all of the energy I was using on controlling and worrying, they also allowed beautiful new situations and miracles to happen.
Suddenly I went from having a problem solving mindset to see the joy in the chaos. To see the great potential in the unknown and to just go with whatever life brings you.

I have always believed that life gives you what you are ready for, but now see the paradox of this belief and then fighting what it gives me to prevent me from getting hurt.

Can you release your control?
Ask yourself these simple questions and write down your answers.

Did you ever face your exact predictions and worries?
What would happen if you let the predictions and worries go?
Write 3 things that you feel the need to control.

If you are a kamikaze pilot in life like me you release it right away.
If you are not, whatever is fantastic, just be authentic towards yourself, you start observing when you find the need to be acting out of your wishes to control. By observing you can alter your reactions and doing so at your own pace letting go of this control and letting your miracle happen.

Silencing your world

Silencing your world

I know I have spoken a lot about silencing you world on various social media.
But it is because this is where you whole understanding and journey begins.
As one who has started the journey, I realise that the moment everything changed, was when I was struck by the clarity and that only came because my thoughts and my being were silenced for a few minutes about 2 years ago.
After losing my job and my girlfriend within a couple of weeks I remember sitting in my favourite chair feeling miserable and that the whole world was against me.
My whole being was in despair. Heavy thoughts about not being good enough for anything, controlled my whole being then. Everything I saw, thought and felt was controlled by this feeling.
How could I with all my talent for seeing the outcomes of choices not have seen this coming?
How come I didn´t deserve all the things that everyone else had.
This consuming feeling was so heavy I had troubles getting out of it.
Then, there in my chair, I closed my eyes. Drew a couple of deep breaths.
Like a flash before my eyes, I suddenly had clarity.
I did see this coming, I had for a long time. I had just continuously purred in all of my energy making things bearable and got by day by day in a miserable job and a failing relationship.
This was an actual blessing in disguise. Dressed up as a missable life companion but actually a chance to be who I yearned for and needed to be.

The next couple of days I went back to meditation practice and it was clear to me that I needed to search for my inner freedom and meaning of my life.
14 days later I landed in my paradise Bali and begun the journey, I will share and have shared so many times.
A journey leading me to more peace, freedom, challenges, love and balance than I could ever have imagined.

All because of a few minutes of silencing my world.

Start to do so yourself.
To listen to your inner being. Shutting of influences, thoughts and feelings.

Here is how you can start if you never did it before: