My Story

BlissPusher became my alias, as my very Scandinavian name of Niels Bjerring, is unpronounceable for most people.
I liked the fact, that it was a name with a double meaning. Pushing people toward Bliss, and the more street version of a Bliss dealer hanging out on every street corner with bags full of Bliss.
I truly feel that I'm dealing in Happiness, Bliss and balance.
What a great way of making a living.

It has actually been my trade on and off for years.
Always been my calling and desire to help out others on their paths.
Only interrupted by 5 years in the cooperate world with a career ending up in various General Manager positions.

But it was first from the summer of 2016 that my own path was truly clear to me.
Check out my Video about how that started here

Now as I continue my search and the inner path, I feel the heartfelt desire and need to share my findings with the world.

And thereby doing what I was born to do, Help and Inspire.

May I only do so