Silencing your world

Silencing your world

I know I have spoken a lot about silencing you world on various social media.
But it is because this is where you whole understanding and journey begins.
As one who has started the journey, I realise that the moment everything changed, was when I was struck by the clarity and that only came because my thoughts and my being were silenced for a few minutes about 2 years ago.
After losing my job and my girlfriend within a couple of weeks I remember sitting in my favourite chair feeling miserable and that the whole world was against me.
My whole being was in despair. Heavy thoughts about not being good enough for anything, controlled my whole being then. Everything I saw, thought and felt was controlled by this feeling.
How could I with all my talent for seeing the outcomes of choices not have seen this coming?
How come I didn´t deserve all the things that everyone else had.
This consuming feeling was so heavy I had troubles getting out of it.
Then, there in my chair, I closed my eyes. Drew a couple of deep breaths.
Like a flash before my eyes, I suddenly had clarity.
I did see this coming, I had for a long time. I had just continuously purred in all of my energy making things bearable and got by day by day in a miserable job and a failing relationship.
This was an actual blessing in disguise. Dressed up as a missable life companion but actually a chance to be who I yearned for and needed to be.

The next couple of days I went back to meditation practice and it was clear to me that I needed to search for my inner freedom and meaning of my life.
14 days later I landed in my paradise Bali and begun the journey, I will share and have shared so many times.
A journey leading me to more peace, freedom, challenges, love and balance than I could ever have imagined.

All because of a few minutes of silencing my world.

Start to do so yourself.
To listen to your inner being. Shutting of influences, thoughts and feelings.

Here is how you can start if you never did it before:

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